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Inspectors flashing have not completed all registration requirements and are not yet approved inspectors for the program.
Martin Sloan Ameripro Inspection Corporation (800) 991-0142
Carl Sanders Ameripro Inspection Corporation (800) 991-0142
Christopher Radan Stem To Stern Inspection Services (866) 521-1215
Richard Dale An Eye For Detail-Home Inspections, Llc (602) 793-9201
Bob Hannabery Allied Inspection Services, Inc. (610) 437-6931
Stephen Cancler Ful House Inspection Services (206) 784-7100
Barry Small Hartford Realty Inspections, Llc (860) 655-6383
Kevin Leonard The Home Inspection Company (513) 895-7700
David Weissenfels Home Inspections Inc. (503) 551-7971
Michael Pilipczuk Pilipczuk Consulting Engineers & Home Inspectors (315) 724-4796
Kelly Dobitz 1St Step Home Inspection (801) 209-1939
David Jolly All Pro Home Inspectors Inc. (904) 338-9848
Thomas Sansone National Property Inspections (585) 654-7294
Peter Ottowitz The Hawkeye Companies (978) 897-7130
Michael Conley Straight Inspection Service (941) 778-2385
Kelly Lopez Inspec Home Inspection, Llc (480) 296-8942
Steven Dehlinger American Real Estate Inspection (951) 308-2424
Marygail Sullivan Sullivan Inspection Service Co. (503) 735-0204
Matt Engler Allied Inspection Services, Inc. (610) 437-6931
Richard Graf Eagle Home Inspection, Inc. (406) 862-9247
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Certified Pre-Owned Listings - The Faster Way to Sell Your Listings
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